About Kimberly Brown


My Family

          My Name is Kimberly Brown, I am a former elementary school teacher and now a busy mom to my beautiful boy! My husband and I love to run, Crossfit and we enjoy training and competing in races together. We love the outdoors and live on the water so that we can paddle board, kayak and go to the beach with the family.

          To say I am passionate about Paleo would be accurate and may be slightly understated.  I have been living the Paleo Lifestyle for the past four years along with my husband.  I am addicted to cooking, baking and nourishing my family and my body with foods that heal and make us feel good.

          Like the majority of people, I have had a constant struggle with my weight. I was a yo-yo dieter and never really had great results that lasted with any product or program. Even worse, I had health issues that weren’t going away unless I used medication. I was never a fan of medicating so this wasn’t a good option for me. I struggled with stomach issues, depression, anxiety and began having panic attacks. It was scary and I knew I couldn’t live like that.

My husband, who had his own list of health issues, heard about Paleo from some friends and we were both skeptical. Is this a sustainable way to eat long term? After much discussion, we decided to jump in and not look back.

It turns out that our stomach problems stemmed from the foods we were eating and my anxiety and panic attacks are now managed through exercise and diet, NOT XANAX! My husband and I lost a total of 90 pounds when we committed to a Paleo Lifestyle.

             “Being a mom, I know how crazy life can get and I am here to help your busy family make Paleo meals that are quick, easy and less expensive! I don’t have a ton of fancy cooking tools so I keep recipes and directions simple and easy for any home chef to create.”

What has Paleo done for me?

It has given me health, freedom and a passion for clean eating. It has brought my family closer and given us more time and energy to enjoy things together.

          My goal is to bring the Paleo passion to others who were like me or my husband. I love creating new recipes and sharing Paleo articles with everyone I meet. My desire is that people will begin to learn that the foods they eat can often heal better than the medicines that we are prescribed.