Medically Boarded From The Military For Asthma: Now She Crossfits With No Issues

By on April 6, 2015

Meet Ashley

Meet Ashley Post Paleo

Ashley was medically boarded from the military for Asthma issues but now she is a Crossfitting machine with no asthma issues at all! See how food and nutrition changed her life in two years.

Ashley’s Amazing Paleo Journey

           I discovered Paleo eating when I began Crossfitting two years ago. When I decided to take back my health I was a size 24, had asthma, chronic sinus issues, environmental allergies, thyroid issue and weighed 240 pounds. I could barely walk up 3 stairs without getting winded. My husband traveled a lot for work so it was so much easier to eat fast food and junk food because it was convenient.

We had a nutrition seminar about 3 months into crossfit and that moment changed my life. I am a lover of carbs and all things sugar, but yet thought I was still eating healthy. Hearing about how cavemen ate and all of the science behind cutting out gluten, sugar and dairy I would have to say I was skeptical. I didn’t think I could give up any of those things up for 30 days, but I don’t usually back down from a challenge. I’m not going to lie, the first week was rough. I was tired, cranky, felt hungry (mainly because I wasn’t eating enough) and overall yucky. During the middle of the second week, I’d have to say I had an awakening of sorts. I started to feel better, was sleeping better and had boundless amounts of energy! I can honestly say that since going paleo I feel better now at the age of 42 than when I was 20 years old. Eating paleo is not a “diet” for me; I consider it changing my lifestyle. When I do “splurge” and eat gluten all I can say is it makes me feel sluggish and overall gross and to me it isn’t worth it.

As an added benefit to feeling amazing most of my health issues have resolved themselves which I attribute to food. My asthma was so severe I was medically boarded from the military and I now no longer take any asthma medications, nor do I have any symptoms even when crossfitting. My sinus infections averaged about once a month and now I only have one once or twice a year. I’ve also been able to improve my thyroid function just with eating clean. I’m now a size 10 (almost an 8☺), and I’ve lost over 80 pounds and countless inches but for me being overall healthy means more to me than the weight loss. I also love the close community of paleo eaters!

There are so many great resources, books, bloggers and friends out there to share ideas, recipes and even friendships with. The best decision I’ve made is deciding to take back my health and make a change!



Before Paleo


Crossfit and Paleo Power


Paleo and Crossfit Power


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