Fridays Top Five Paleo Picks

By on March 27, 2015

This weeks top 5 picks give us something to debate with our friends and families over the weekend. Some of these really hit home for me!

1.) I read this controversial article on Paleo, Sugar Free and Gluten- Free diets being a “Celebrity Nutrition” fad. This article claims that Paleo and clean eating are not Scientifically backed and are only fads with fancy cookbooks, hashtags and Instagram photos. People only follow the Paleo and clean eating diets because celebrities follow it? I can honestly say, I follow the Paleo diet because I know it works for my body. I don’t care about celebrities and I don’t even have cable! Who cares about celebrities results when we see real people getting real results. This article is promoting the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. Seems like they just want people to quit following Paleo and Gluten free so that they’ll follow the diet they are promoting. What are your thoughts? Have you gotten real results from Paleo or Gluten Free? Did you start your diet because of a celebrity?

2.) This Salad looks amazing! What a great way to get in tons of nutrients with a simple and delicious Salad. Food Faith and Fitness nailed it with this recipe 

3.) I don’t know about you but when I read success stories from people who have healed their bodies with Paleo and nutritious foods, I need a whole box of tissues. I love Eileen Laird’s story on how she is helping her body with real food. People who deal with Hashimoto’s and Autoimmune disease, you need to read this article on how to help heal your body. These steps will make a difference in your life! Read Paleo Autoimmune Protocol 101 and let me know if you have a story about Paleo changing your Autoimmune disease.

4.) I discovered something new in the Paleo market this week. I saw an add for this on Facebook and now it is a trending site. Have you tried Paleo eMeals? As a busy mom with a busy family, I can see this being helpful. Kick- start Paleo today, no excuses now with these simple website tools!

5.) This article gave me a good laugh for the day. I remember when I started on my Paleo journey, I heard some horrible comments from people. I am not sure why so many people all of a sudden decided that my eating habits had anything to do with them. Kudos to this dad for kick- starting his Paleo journey and letting us join in on his funny (and annoying encounters). 

What are your favorite comments that people said when you launched your Paleo Journey? Share your funny stories in the comments!


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