Paleo Diet and Skin: Looking and Feeling Youthful and Sexy

By on January 1, 2015
Some rights reserved by Patty Maher.

Some rights reserved by Patty Maher.

I would say that most everyone who tethers themselves to the Paleo diet does so in order to lose weight. A safe bet, right? After all, we’re all looking for that one lasting solution to help us lose weight and keep it off, for good. (If you need a kick-start, check out my 7-day diet paleo diet detox plan, here.)

However, alongside the paleo diet’s unique ability to help us shed those finicky pounds, many people note that the paleo diet and skin have an interesting connection–one that keeps the flour and sugar on the shelves and keeps us paleo dieters turning to the meats, fish, nuts, and vegetables that keep us looking younger and more vibrant.

Paleo Diet and Dating?

What’s the first thing you notice in your partner, in people you’re attracted to?

Their bodies; their skin; their hair. Right?

Amazingly, evolution states that we choose our “mates” based on clear, acne-free skin, shiny hair, and a nice, attractive, waist-to-hip ratio. It’s just rooted in us to choose someone who is healthy and fertile (so we can keep our genes alive!). However, all you really need is the evolutionary-based diet, the paleo diet, in order to maximize the youthful nature of your skin, your nails, your hair–and, of course, keep that waist-to-hip ratio in check.

Never thought dieting would help your love life, did you? (But remember all the benefits the paleo diet has on the brain, as well. It decreases your risk for depression and actually helps you feel more validated, more sure of yourself. The certainty, at least in my case, helped my relationships–both romantic and not–to flourish. My clear skin and shiny hair, I’m sure, didn’t hurt my chances.)

The Paleo Diet and Skin: The Eternal Link Between Your Diet and Your Youth

Everything you eat reveals itself on your skin.

This is because your body breaks down the nutrients, the carbohydrates, the proteins, and pummels your bloodstream with them so that all of your cells, all over your body, can reap the rewards of what you’ve been eating. (Or, ultimately, suffer because you subsist on pop tarts.) Therefore, all the nutrients you’ve been ingesting ultimately find their way to your external skin cells via your basal cell layer. This layer, located in your skin’s dermis level, is the area that is continually making new skin cells, all the time. (Just now, you lost thousands of skin cells and they were immediately replaced by ones already prepared in your basal cell layer.) Your basal cell layer is constantly, constantly working!

So: if you give yourself crap, your basal cell layer will pick up that crap and give that fuel to your brand-new-skin-cells. And as a result, that “crappy skin” will end up on the exterior of your body, showing acne, eczema, whatever.

Note, further, that the paleo diet and skin have another link. The paleo diet actually eliminates inflammation, another core cause of skin disorders. Interior inflammation is generally caused by seed oils like canola oil or corn oil. These are found in absolutely everything processed and stocked on shelves. (Just check your labels!) These oils are pulsing with omega-6 fatty acids, which initiate inflammation, which created eczema, acne, and many other disorders. When you remove these omega-6 fatty acids from your diet along with flours and sugars, you can eliminate these disruptive, ugly disorders.

Furthermore, your skin might be upset, altered because of problems in your gut. Generally, doctors screen skin disorder patients for inflammation of the gut or intestinal disorders. Note, of course, that gut health disintegrates with the ingestion of grains, pastas and sugars. Oftentimes, to heal gut health and brink a healthy link between the paleo diet and skin, it’s essential that you turn to bone broth for assistance. (This way, you can just–in general–feel better and healthier, both outside and in.)

 Paleo Diet and Skin: Living with Youth

Collagen is what you want to promote lively, youthful skin. It’s the stuff that makes your skin elastic–that makes your skin bounce back. Look to the following paleo food stuffs that build collagen in your skin and make you look younger and feel sexier.

1. Bone broth. 

2. Celery.

3. Tuna.

4. Salmon.

5. All Red Veggies!: Peppers, beets, and tomatoes.

6. All Orange Veggies!: Sweet potatoes and carrots.

7. All Green Veggies!: kale, spinach, broccoli, etc. Green is mean; get mean about looking youthful!

8. All Things Citrus: oranges, lemons, limes, etc.

Incorporate the above things into your diet in order to boost your skin’s collagen and make yourself look more youthful, more vibrant.

On another note, to kick-start smooth skin, check out my paleo-inspired body scrub, here. 

Oh, and also–happy new year!


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