My 3 Paleo New Year’s Resolutions

By on December 30, 2014
Some rights reserved by Anthony Quintano I love this photo by Anthony Quintaro, who photographed Times Square in the aftermath of the New Year's Eve Ball Drop.

Some rights reserved by Anthony Quintano
I love this photo by Anthony Quintaro, who photographed Times Square in the aftermath of the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop.

It’s that time again: the time to revamp your life because the calendrical year is altering from one number to the next. 2014, we’re washing our hands of you (despite my sincere and complete love for you). It’s on to 2015. And with that come my three paleo new year’s resolutions.

Paleo New Year’s Resolutions are inherently important. After all, the importance of setting both long-term and short-term goals is apparent. Short term goals tend to put you on the “right track” and force you to think about every element of your long-term goal, every day of the week.

An example of your long-term goal is found with the following:

“I want to lose twenty pounds this year.”

An example of your short-term goal is found with the following:

“I want to exercise at least three times a week for the next three months.”

You can start the exercise program immediately–right now–on your way to creating that long-term goal. You might have to continually ramp up your short-term goals in order to truly succeed at your long-term goal. However, remember that these short-term goals never seem so extreme. You can always set aside three thirty-minute periods per week to exercise. (If you can’t, you might want to consider re-vamping your schedule and giving yourself more time to unwind and just BE.) When you feel you need to boost your short-term goal, the promotion doesn’t seem so scary. This way, you can sort of climb the steps to the top of your long term goal while disallowing yourself to quit.

Therefore, I usually think of my paleo new year’s resolution as a long-term goal–and I generally work several short-term goals on my “map” to creating these long-term goals.

Check out my paleo new year’s resolutions below, and discover how you can become healthier and happier in the new year!

Paleo New Year’s Resolutions 1: Meditate Every Day.

Right now, I usually only meditate once a week. I’ve been experimenting with mindfulness running, but generally, I gravitate toward running to the tune of my favorite album or podcast. Running in tune with my mind–even living with complete comprehension of my mind–is a scary thought.

And sometimes, unfortunately, this divorce from my mind can get pretty tricky. For example, I have a history of overeating. If I lose sight of why I might be panicked or exhausted–because I lose sight of my internal thoughts, my internal emotions–I might turn back to emotional eating. (And this emotional eating takes no care for the paleo diet–or any calorie counting, for that matter.)

Therefore, to truly work to the advantage of my weight loss plans, my career plans, and my health plans, it is essential that I meditate every day. This way, I can discover the link between my body and my mind. Perhaps, along the way, I can find internal peace.

Learn the steps to meditate here.

Paleo New Year’s Resolutions 2: Cut Sugar Cravings, For Good

During these aggressive, post-holiday weeks, I’ve been a sugar monster. Mostly, I stick to paleo desserts. But sometimes, if my partner’s eating a bag of M&M’s, I’m going to ask for a few. Or more than a few. I’m only human, and chocolate is only chocolate.

Therefore, I’m going to following my previous plans. (After all, I’ve cut sugar for good before. Of course, eventually I fell off the wagon.) My favorite times of my life have been when I can say “no” to cookies, cakes, candies–whatever! I have control over my portions, over what I eat. When I have no control, I’m not helping anyone–least of all myself.

Paleo New Year’s Resolution 3: Run Thirty-Five Miles Per Week

I’m not yet sure when this paleo new year’s resolution will begin. Right now, it’s approximately fifteen degrees, and I’m not planning to run anymore than five miles tomorrow, even with three layers and my new, non-barefoot running shoes (for extreme weather conditions).

However, when the sun begins to live once more, I’m planning to re-vamp my running distances. I’m planning to run harder, better, stronger. I’m planning to run five to six days a week, for between six and fifteen miles each time. I’m planning to do one speed work out per week and one super-long run per week to enhance the muscle fibers in my legs. This long run will occur on each Sunday, on my least-busy day, while the speed work out will occur on the day after my rest day, when my muscles will be ready and willing to eat as much glycogen (the glucose stored in muscles) as possible.

What are you paleo new year’s resolutions? If you plan to START the paleo diet on January 1st, you should check out my 7-day diet plan. This way, you can re-vamp your dieting game, understand the intricacies of the diet, and take a serious step forward in the field of nutrition.

Good luck in the year 2015, everyone!


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