Paleo Egg Nog: For the Cold-Hearted Scrooge in All of Us

By on December 21, 2014
Some rights reserved by boltron-

Some rights reserved by boltron-

Egg nog: the traditional yule-tide drink that keeps my bones warm in these winter months. Where would I be without it? In fact, with the traditional cream-laden egg nog of yesteryear, I thought egg nog was a part of my past. Not so, with this (self-made, monstrously delicious) paleo egg nog. Phew.

Most specifically, this egg nog is essential for my post-work out hours. This morning, bits of snow peppering the ground, I stuffed my head into my head band, pulled my running pants on, captured myself in about three sweatshirts, and hit the trails. I stayed with my parents last night, in the middle of the country, and so this morning, I ran along a slow and sturdy country road, an entire (dead) corn field beside me. I didn’t see a single person. Something about the solitude of the morning–the crispness of the air–was so, so refreshing.

And so very, very cold. Like–cold in my bones.

And so, this paleo egg nog was my solace from that cold world. And now, I am writing, curled up in a blanket made so very long ago (isn’t that the case with everything you find at your parent’s house?), a mug of paleo egg nog by my side. Oh: and a sparkling Christmas tree, heaping with far too many presents beneath it. Despite my near-Scroogeness, so often during the December month of continuous holiday jingles, I have to nick off a bit of that sauce-y mentality and simply glimmer with the happiness of being around people I love.

Why Paleo Egg Nog is BETTER Than the “Reg” Egg Nog

This Paleo egg nog is really wonderful for you.

It’s pulsing with coconut milk, almond milk, vanilla, and nutmeg. Coconut milk has medium-chain fatty acids, which work to heal your inflamed body parts on a cellular level. (Therefore, anything that’s inflamed after my five-mile run this morning is getting tidied up, so to speak, by the coconut milk.) Furthermore, vanilla works as an antidepressant (fighting back against those winter blues) and a relaxer, thus allowing me to fall into deep comfort on this couch. Turns out nutmeg is really, really good for your skin and hair, as well, which is amazing, since I’m going to (probably) run into a few old high school friends later when I make a forage into the world. The experience will be ugly, but at least I’ll be pretty.

Check out my Paleo egg nog recipe below for solace from your own Scrooge-ness. Share it with friends and family or keep it (selfishly) for yourself.

The Anti-Scrooge Paleo Egg Nog Recipe

3 room-temperature egg yolks

3 room-temperature egg whites

1 3/4 cup coconut milk

1/3 cup coconut crystals

1/2 tsp. vanilla

1 1/3 cup almond milk

1/4 tsp. nutmeg

1/4 tsp. allspice

1/4 tsp. sea salt


Begin by allowing the eggs to completely warm to room temperature. At this time, separate the whites from the yolks. Bring two whites into one bowl and another white into its own bowl. The yolks can all live together in the third bowl.

At this time, pour the coconut crystals into the bowl with the yolks. Utilize a hand mixer to whir the ingredients together.

Next, utilize a clean hand mixer to beat together the two egg whites to create peaks. After the peaks begin to form, fold these egg whites into the yolk mixture. Pour the coconut milk, the almond milk, the vanilla, the sea salt, and the allspice into this bowl, as well, and whisk.

At this time, cover the created mixture and allow it to cool in the fridge for at least five hours. When you wish to serve the drink, beat up the last, lonely egg white to create stiff peaks. Fold this egg white into the egg nog and toss on a bit of nutmeg to serve.

Enjoy, Scrooge-less, Holiday Paleo celebrators! Paleo egg nog is here to stay.


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