5 Paleo in College Life Hacks

By on December 6, 2014


Some rights reserved by kevin dooley

Some rights reserved by kevin dooley

Not so very, very long ago, I was in college. I, too, was surrounded by all the grandeur of the college experience: the meal points that seemed to lend me a constant stream of “free” cookies and ice cream and waffles. The constant drinking. (The word “shots!” to this day doesn’t do good things to my stomach, just in memory of those lost occasions.)

Paleo in college was probably the furthest from my mind during these initial years. However, I started to wise up toward the end–when I realized college really did have an “end.” When I realized I had to live with my body for a good number of years AFTER this all ended. That I had to figure out how to look and feel good sometime, or else I was going to be miserable (both mentally and physically) forever.

So: I altered everything.

Check out my 5 Paleo in College Life Hacks to initiate overall wellness and begin to feel better, test better, and live better.

Paleo in College Hack 1: Use Your Gym Membership.

Some rights reserved by Mike_fleming

Some rights reserved by Mike_fleming

I think during my first two years of college, I went to the gym maybe two or three times. But then I realized: these were the only years of my life that I would have an all-expenses-paid (in the form of tuition) pass to the gym. And so, I started to use it. I started small. (I had to. I was overweight at the time.) I went to classes. And then, gradually, I started exercising by myself, understanding the routine of going to class every day and following that class with a hearty dose of thirty to fifty minutes on the tread mill. Learning HOW to exercise really changed my life during those years. Take advantage.

Paleo in College Hack 2: Stop Buying Food on Campus.

I know what your mornings are like before class. You roll out of bed at around 10 or 11 for your 12:15 class. You scarf down whatever’s in the kitchen, and then you head to campus, knowing you’ll grab a coffee and a pastry when you get to the union.

I was just like this. Every day during my freshman year, I treated myself to either a bagel and a coffee or a muffin and a coffee. Essentially, both were just carbs that entered my system and changed to glucose–sugar–in my bloodstream. This later led to leaky gut syndrome and perhaps my lower state of mental health.

Paleo in College Hack 3: Make a Shopping List and Stick to It.

When you decide to stop buying food on campus, you have to start grocery shopping. Understand what you need to eat on the Paleo diet, and know which snacks are best. (I know how essential Paleo snacks are for your study habits!) When you go to the store, buy only what you’ve outlined for yourself on your Paleo shopping list. Fresh, grass-fed meats (if you can afford), canned fish, fruits, and vegetables. Try some nuts and dried fruits for snacks. Don’t spend too much time in the aisles. You want the nutrition on the outside of the store.

Paleo in College Hack 4: Get Plenty of Sleep.

I know that you think this is the end-all, be-all of partying: but it’s not. This is the time of your life when you’re attempting to prepare for the future to land your big-person job and start changing the world. When you begin that job, you can leave work and party, if you like. (And you’ll probably have the money to do it.) But now, in college? Stick to Friday and Saturday nights. Your waistline and your mental health will thank you.

Check out the Paleo alcohol I’ve outlined in this blog post. 

Paleo in College Hack 5: Learn to Cook.

With a McDonald’s AND a Chipotle down the street, you thought you’d never have to cook, didn’t you? Unfortunately, to maximize both your nutrition AND your money, you have to learn to cook. Check out my free gift in which you can discover the 7-day guide of easy-to-follow recipes. The recipes allow you to detox and put you on a path of greater health.


Comic by xkcd.

Good luck in your days ahead, college warrior. Things will get better. There’s nowhere to go but up!



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