4 Cravings-Worthy Paleo Soup Recipes: Because it’s Flu Season

By on December 17, 2014

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Today is a tragic day indeed because I write to you from a bed with a pile of Kleenex to my left, some Vaseline to my right. I have a cold. Despite the warmer temperatures today, I was stuck inside (looking longingly at my running gear), dealing with aches and pains and generally binge-watching Mad Men episodes from 2010. As such, I thought it was appropriate to bring you my four favorite paleo soup recipes, because it looks like I’m going to go through all of them the next several days. (And if you’re anything like so many of my friends right now, you’ll need them, yourself.)


Bravo for Paleo’s Paleo Tomato Basil Soup

Ah, yes. The classic tomato basil soup, queen of all paleo soup recipes. I, myself, consider tomato soup an ideal comfort food. Unfortunately, however, the old tomato soup my mother used to make me was stocked with milk or cream—making it decidedly “un-paleo.” However, this amazing paleo soup recipe brought to us by Bravo For Paleo blog, doesn’t have any of that weight-gain-revving dairy. This Bravo for Paleo recipe is very healthy. Note, however, that I altered it just a little, using coconut oil instead of butter and vegetable broth instead of chicken broth. (As I mentioned previously, I like to go veggie-free sometimes. This soup brought a perfect option!)


May I Have That Recipe’s Saffron Cauliflower Soup

Saffron. Oh, my. Growing up in a rural Midwestern town, I had no idea what I was missing all those years. I began experimenting with the stuff a few years ago, when I first began traveling, and I fell in love. It comes alive most specifically in this May I Have That Recipe’s Saffron Cauliflower Soup. It’s vegan; it’s paleo. It’s one of my favorite paleo soup recipes, ever. Allow its creamy magic to alter your state of (flu-riddled) mind.

Health Start’s in the Kitchen’s Meatball Noodle Soup

If you’re looking for paleo soup recipes with plenty of flavor, stop here. The traditional meatballs bring spices and grass-fed beef. Note further that it has vitamin and nutrient-stocked spaghetti squash as “noodle,” giving you a feel of your grandmother’s old chicken noodle soup—without all the gluten and leaky gut syndrome. (No fun at all. Take it from the Health Starts in the Kitchen blogger, herself, who is currently on the GAPS diet.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that your flu is best-fought utilizing the powers of protein. Protein, from these meatballs in the Meatball Noodle Soup, can help re-build your dying cells and boost your immunity. Trust me, when you’re struggling to get up in the middle of the day just to plug in your charge cord, you’ll thank the protein from these meatballs.


A Calculated Whisk’s Orange Ginger Squash Soup

A Calculated Whisk (which, by the way, is one of the best blog titles I’ve ever heard of) brings us this amazing Orange Ginger Squash Soup. If only I could tell you the true love I have for ginger. It’s nature’s true medicinal wonder of wonders. It’s what I’m single-handedly relying on to better my health. (While friends and family continually offer Nyquil, I just tell them with continuous delirium that no, ancient peoples of the earth used ginger, and I will too!) (Perhaps that will change if this state of delirium continues much longer.)

Seriously, though. This Orange Ginger Squash Soup was blogger Becky’s first recipe on your Whole30 Day Challenge, and I am certain it was the best route to continue on the road to health. Who knew eating healthy could be so convenient and so delicious?

So: there you have it. Suffer on, paleo dieters, and turn to these paleo soup recipes for nutrition and wellness.


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