My 3 Favorite Paleo Lunch Ideas

By on December 10, 2014
Some rights reserved by Moyan_Brenn

Some rights reserved by Moyan_Brenn

Paleo lunch ideas brings us to my favorite time of the day: my first meal. (What? I thought breakfast was the most important meal of the day? Everyone I know asks me this. It’s all very confusing.)

I think I might have mentioned before how much I love intermittent fasting. It’s really been a game-changer when it comes to losing weight and also dropping my innate ability to always, always think about food. These days, food and I still get along. We do. I just–I can take time off from eating when I want to. And that, in and of itself, is very powerful.

Therefore, I don’t eat at all until around three in the afternoon. And at that time, after my exercise, after my gobs of coffee and water, I’m really, really hungry. Starving. That level of starving actually feels nice–empowering. But I need to treat it so that I can grow muscles, keep myself well, and keep myself going till dinner with my boyfriend (who loves to cook alongside me).

So, here are my four favorite paleo lunch ideas to get you started on your paleo mid-day dining experiences.


Paleo Lunch Idea 1: Keto Diet App’s Quick Beef Ragu with “Zoodles”

Have you heard of the keto diet? Essentially, the keto diet links up with many ideas in the paloe diet. It doesn’t turn to enriched flours, pastas, or sugars for nutrition. (However, Paleo dieters might tell you that the keto diet is only a diet for weight loss–not for all the unique health benefits of the Paleo diet.)

However, there’s simply nothing to dispute with this Keto Diet App’s Quick Beef Ragu. It only takes twenty minutes to make. Plus, it’s packed with phytonutrients from the zucchini noodles and good, vibrant protein from the beef to keep your metabolism humming till dinner.


Paleo Lunch Idea 2: An Aussie with Crohn’s Paleo Bars

If you aren’t so into eating a big, wholesome, green, mean lunch, you might want to check out this sinfully delicious paleo bar recipe. They’re enriched with cocoa and many, many nuts: from macadamia to walnut. The texture is alarmingly gooey. I would eat four of them for lunch if I didn’t want to sleep until tomorrow.


Paleo Lunch idea 3: Paleo Spirit’s Paleo Vegetarian-Friendly Baked Eggs in Mushroom Caps

I saved my favorite for last.

I could seriously eat these every single day of my life.

Note that this paleo lunch idea looks BEAUTIFUL and complicated–when in actuality, it’s very, very easy to make. The wonderful fat of the egg and enriching nutrients of the Portabello mushroom really awakens me in the middle of the day. And at only around 110 calories a pop, I sometimes have two.

Enjoy these Paleo lunch ideas. And don’t worry–I’ll be back with more! I’m always searching for amazing ones. If you have any ideas, please feel free to peg some in the comments below.



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Megan White is a Paleo diet food fanatic running around the world, searching for the most nutritional tasty treats in every country she can find. Follow her on her journey as she dodges sugar cravings, works to better her mind and body, and picks up some creative Paleo diet recipes along the way.

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