Paleo Lifestyle: 4 Tips for Living Paleo in Paris

By on November 10, 2014

I love to travel. Most of my stuff is already rooted in a suitcase–including some of my favorite cooking utensils, of course–and I’m constantly looking up new places to go. That being said, I need to live a Paleo lifestyle in many different places–all over the world! The Paleo lifestyle works to supplement my good mood, my continuous health (so important while traveling!), and my waistline (extra-important when wanting to look good in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, you know).


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Living the Paleo lifestyle in Paris seems like an appropriate blog post to start with. After all: I’ve spent most of this year in Paris, France–soaking up the romanticism and the literature and, of course, plenty of outrageously good food. Look to my following tips to continue the Paleo lifestyle–even in the midst of a cheese and baguette-laden world.

1. Head to the Local Market.

So. If you’re from the United States, like me, you probably understand that so much of the meat industry is a bit–well–scary. (That’s why this Paleo lifestyle recommends grass-fed beef.) But in Paris, that worry doesn’t exist. The local market displays tons of local meat and fish–without any of the scary preservatives or packages of your past-life grocery stores. Seriously: Parisians live at their markets. They go to the grocery when they have to, of course. But natural, fresh meats is one of the reasons (I totally believe) the Parisians remain so slim and fit.


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2. Load Up on Vegetables–For Cheap.

Again (not to rag on the United States), it’s very difficult to live the vegetable-friendly Paleo lifestyle when your grocery bill stacks higher and higher with enhanced fiber content. (Sigh.) But the French see these locally-grown, market vegetables as essential elements to their diets. I always leave the market with as many vegetables as I please without handing too many of my euros to those beautiful French farmers.

3. Live the Hunter-Gatherer Lifestyle in the Big City.

Generally, living in Paris renders you without a car. Therefore: you can wander from your (tiny) apartment in one arrondissement to a market in another in just a matter of a few minutes, gathering up fruits, vegetables, and meats along the way. You can stop in a park on the way home to enjoy a crisp, local apple and watch some (very well dressed) Parisians casually sit in the grass, also enjoying whatever they’ve picked up from the market, as well. Really, it’s the closest the city gets to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

4. Make a Paleo-Friendly Crepe.

Life without crepes in Paris is really no life at all. Check out Lori’s blog, What Runs Lori’s, and her Breakfast-in-Bed Paleo Crepes to really enhance your Paleo lifestyle in Paris. (Even if you’re not in Paris, you can still live the Paleo lifestyle from the paleo crepe comfort of your own home, wherever that may be!)

Au revoir, and be well!


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