Paleo Exercise: Rev Your Metabolism on an Airplane

By on November 16, 2014
Some rights reserved by Moto@Club4AG

Some rights reserved by Moto@Club4AG

The holidays are coming up, bringing a plethora of harried activities: constant eating, cooking, drinking, gabbing, traveling, and–well–okay. That’s about it. Notice I didn’t include exercise. It’s true that Paleo exercise goes out the wayside around this time, leaving our pants a little tighter around New Years’ and our guts a little out-of-whack by Thanksgiving.

If you’ll be traveling via airplane or car this upcoming holiday season–or, if you’re like me and you find yourself on a plane all-too-often–try out these awesome Paleo exercise hacks to get your metabolism revving on an airplane.

1. Do a “Seat Float.”

(Note that I’m completely making up the names for these obnoxious Paleo exercise airplane hacks.)

Okay. For this first one, you’ll be sitting in your airplane seat (bored out of your mind and worried about all the food you’ve been eating over the past–oh–six weeks). This Paleo exercise targets your arms and your abs.

A. Place your fists down by your knees on the seat.

B. Sit up straight in your chair with your shoulders off the back.

C. Lift yourself up off your seat with your arms so that your feet are not touching the ground and your butt is off the seat.

D. Hold this position for twenty seconds before placing yourself back down.

2. Do an “Ankle Crossover Lift.”

So: for this one (making sure not to completely kick the person next to you), you must:

A. Cross over your left ankle onto your right knee.

B. Lift your right knee up into the air slowly.

C. Bring your right knee down, making sure not to touch your right foot onto the floor.

D. Repeat this eight times and then switch legs.

This exercise targets your abs and your legs.

3. Do Some “Knee Lifts.”

Do this super-simple Paleo exercise by sitting straight up and down in your chair with your knees together and your feet together. Have your arms on your arm rests. Note that this exercise targets your butt and your abs.

A. With your feet and knees together, lift your knees into the air.

B. With complete control, lower your knees once more, not allowing your feet to touch the ground.

C. Repeat this maneuver 8 times. Rest for thirty seconds and repeat.

Knowing to keep your heart rate up during your very boring flight around the world (or just from your aunt’s in Florida to your hometown in Tennessee) is essential to keep your brain targeted on your Paleo journey. Remember that Paleo exercise doesn’t have to be extensive: it simply must be targeted!

With all that being said: make sure you make the most of your family’s good cookin’ this year. Cheers, and safe travels!


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