Paleo Exercise: Lose Weight Anywhere

By on November 8, 2014


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Paleo exercise supports the same reasoning as the rest of the diet plan: do exactly what your body is designed to do, and no more. That’s why many Paleo exercise followers work to maximize their time by doing short sprints, weight lifting, and general push ups and pull ups. The idea is to get your heart rate elevated without exercising so much that your body starts to break down and inflame on a cellular level.

Look to the following short tips and tricks to lose weight ANYWHERE. (Because I’m a writer, I find myself pretty much all over the world–without a gym. Trust me. I’ve done these things everywhere.) Note that the holidays are coming up, as well, and therefore, it’s essential to remember that just ten or fifteen minutes outside (of your grandmother’s, your second cousin’s, wherever you’re visiting for the holidays) is all you need to stay fit and lose weight. As long as you remember to lay off the sweet, non-Paleo cookies and look to healthier options, get outside and elevate your heart rate with Paleo exercise, and continue to believe in your Paleo goals, you will get through this holiday season with a slim waistline and a smile on your well-fed face!

1. Sprints.

Seriously. The benefits of a good spring work out are UNPARALLELED. Try sprinting for 50 yards at a time, as fast as you can. (Note that that’s about half of a football field.) Walk for one minute, and then repeat. Do this five times.

2. Wall Sits.

Simply place your back against the wall and slide down into a sitting position with your feet out and your thighs horizontal and flat in front of you. Hold this for thirty seconds and then rest for thirty seconds. Repeat this five times.

3. Burpees.

Burpees are a little tricky, but if you start out slowly and work through them, you’ll find they’re one of the best things to get your heart rate up.

A) Bend over and put your hands on the ground.
B) Throw your feet out behind you so that you’re in a plank position.
C) Perform a push up.
D) When you come back up, spring your feet back up to where your hands are.
E) Jump into the air and throw your hands up above your head.
F) Repeat ten times.

As you perform these paleo exercise techniques, you’ll find that your heart rate jumps up several notches over the course of ten or fifteen minutes. This is all you need to lose weight and keep your metabolism in check!


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