Paleo Diet Pantry Necessity Tool Kit

By on November 7, 2014

So: you’re starting the Paleo Diet. (Congratulations, by the way!) But a look into your cupboard reveals you’re not quite ready. And none of us were. If you’re anything like my past self, you’ve got Oreos on the top shelf, peanut butter on the bottom, and packaged foods in between. You don’t have the proper equipment to get started Paleo diet-cooking every single day of the week. Over the past few years I’ve cultivated quite a collection of must-haves to cook and bake delicious Paleo diet items. Look to the following Paleo diet tips and tricks to boost your Paleo Pantry Tool Kit.

1. Stock Up on Healthy Paleo Oils and Fats.

Coconut oil is an essential element of any Paleo diet pantry. It’s perfect for high-temperature meat and vegetable cooking; furthermore, the benefits are unrivaled, fueling health into every cell of your body with medium-chain fatty acids.


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Olive oil is a great Paleo-friendly oil, as well. Use it mixed with your favorite balsamic vinegar to enhance the flavors of your favorites salads, cooked vegetables, and meats.

2. Good Baking Butters.

During these new Paleo diet baking days, you can’t look to past dairy butters for assistance. Try out cashew butter, almond butter, coconut butter, or macadamia nut butter for delicious alternatives.

3. Food Processor.

The Paleo diet forces you to get creative with your meals, and the food processor is your partner in crime in these cooking endeavors. You’ll find yourself not understanding how you ever did without it. From pesto to sauces to almond flours and milks, you’ll find a reason for the food processor to swoop back into your life, again and again.

4. All the Spices You Could Need.

Spices are essential to elevate your cooking. Look to: cumin, rosemary, oregano, allspice, garlic, thyme, cinnamon, and ginger for vibrant flavor!


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5. Make Your Own Milk with a Nut Milk Bag.

Paleo baking and cooking requires a good deal of almond milk and other nut liquids, but the grocery store is lacking. Their nut milks are pulsing with additives and extra calories. Make your own milk with a nut milk bag, and work to strain out the food processed goodness from the liquid.

6. Paleo Diet-Friendly Snacks

Some of my favorite Paleo diet snacks currently calling to me from my pantry are: dried fruits, almonds, walnuts, and cashews. Boy. I know how caloric they are, and I have to be careful. I put them on the top shelf. But they’re perfect for a swift snack or for munching on a long bus trip! (I travel a lot, and the dried fruit and nut snack is essential to keep my brain revving on long trips.)

There you have it! Get started on your Paleo diet cooking and baking adventures today with this easy Paleo toolkit! Once you have the tools, you can create the lifestyle.


About Megan White

Megan White is a Paleo diet food fanatic running around the world, searching for the most nutritional tasty treats in every country she can find. Follow her on her journey as she dodges sugar cravings, works to better her mind and body, and picks up some creative Paleo diet recipes along the way.

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