Fell Off the Paleo Wagon? 5 Ways to Re-Boot Today

By on November 25, 2014
 Some rights reserved by JuditK

Some rights reserved by JuditK

So: this is an essential posting for this time of year, don’t you think? (If someone is currently in your kitchen, baking a pie, this posting is for you.)

You fell off the Paleo wagon. It’s so easy to do, after all. My aunt herself tosses full-blown plates of mashed potatoes and gravy my way on the daily during this holiday season, and saying “no” is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

Therefore, I’m saying: if you mess up, if you fell off the Paleo wagon, if you find yourself in a pile of non-Paleo desserts and carbohydrates, all is not lost. In fact, maybe you’ve gained a little bit. You know your body, from your brain to your gut, cannot handle these foods well. After all, our natural body make up doesn’t look to these food for ready nourishment. Therefore, one fall off the wagon might be enough to make you buckle your seatbelt in this Paleo diet world, once and for all.

Follow these five rules to detox your body and get back on the Paleo diet. Trust me: getting back into the swing of things is easier than you think!

Fell off the Paleo Wagon Re-boot Tip 1: Pre-Plan All of Your Meals

Push to eat healthy foods by preparing a 7-day meal plan for yourself. You can get mine here, for free! :) You’ll be craving unhealthy, sugary, and carb-heavy foods throughout the following days; therefore, it’s essential that you remove all the junk food from your house and start with a clean slate. Buy easy-to-manage staples, like chicken, fish, and vegetables. Utilize your ready oils and spices to jazz things up as you go along.

Fell off the Paleo Wagon Re-boot Tip 2: Lay Off the Alcohol–At Least for a While

I’ve outlined the awesome ways you can drink and remain “Paleo,” especially over the holidays. However, if you want to get back on the Paleo wagon, it’s important to lay off the booze. This is because alcohol lowers your inhibitions. (If you’ve ever been to college–or ever been a really-dumb-twenty-something, I’m sure this isn’t hard to comprehend.) The lower your inhibitions, the higher your ability to eat whatever-you-feel-like, thank-you-very-much.

Fell off the Paleo Wagon Re-Boot Tip 3: Stop Beating Yourself Up

So: you ate everything in sight, for an entire twenty-four hours straight. That’s fine. Really. We all have our “hungry” days. You need to avoid the insane guilty feelings you have right now. You need to find forgiveness for yourself. Try these meditation techniques to hone your mind and fuel yourself with inner strength. Your mistakes cannot affect your future if you don’t let them.

Fell off the Paleo Wagon Re-Boot Tip 4: Don’t Starve Yourself on the Road Back to Health

The next time you feel hungry after your “unfortunate eating experience,” you have to eat. Period. You can’t starve yourself. Instead, you have to embrace your Paleo eating habits, eat healthy, vibrant, nutritious foods, and essentially forget about the past. This way, your body can begin to replenish itself and heal itself after the non-Paleo mixups.

Fell off the Paleo Wagon Re-Boot Tip 5: Don’t Exercise to Punish Yourself

If you really love exercise, that’s awesome. But don’t force yourself through hard training, a ten mile running course, or six hours at the gym just because you had a few cupcakes. Instead, listen to your body and treat it well. Go for a walk or a bike ride to get your mind off your food and get your head “re-set.” This way, you’re fueling yourself with the endorphins of exercise–without ridiculing your conscious mind.

Whatever happened the last few days doesn’t have to bring the end of the world. Use these tips every time you skirt off the wagon. Life offers delicious, scrumptious foods around every corner, and it’s just up to us to make proper choices–most of the time.

Be well, Paleo dieters!


About Megan White

Megan White is a Paleo diet food fanatic running around the world, searching for the most nutritional tasty treats in every country she can find. Follow her on her journey as she dodges sugar cravings, works to better her mind and body, and picks up some creative Paleo diet recipes along the way.

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