Difference Between Paleo and Low Carb: Paleo Living Video

By on November 16, 2014
Some rights reserved by Alice Henneman

Some rights reserved by Alice Henneman

Many, many people come up to me and ask: what is the difference between Paleo and low carb diets? (Usually they’re holding a cheese stick in their hands, grimacing over a very, very pale complexion.)

And it’s true that the difference between the two diets is not readily clear if you aren’t well-versed in nutrition and dietary needs.

I used to eat low-carb, actually. I did it to lose weight very quickly. It worked, sure. I had success. But I further can’t remember another time in my life when I felt more devoid of nutrients, dizzier, or less able to–you know, do regular human-like things. Like blink or breathe.

Anyways: that’s not to say that low-carb isn’t appropriate for some people. But the difference between Paleo and low carb is an essential one to remark upon, especially if you’re low-carb now and looking to go Paleo.

I pulled up this video to better understand the difference between Paleo and low carb by Paleo Living Magaine. Jeremy is really well-versed in the topic, and he is not so awkward in front of the camera (like, ahem, yours truly). Check it out!

I love getting the conversation going with regards to the difference between paleo and low carb. After all: some of the most nutritious and vibrant elements of the Paleo diet–like fruits–are pulsing with carbohydrates. Without that fiber, that delightful goodness in each bite of juicy fruit, where would I be?

Also, if you want to learn more about why low carb’s purported dairy is a huge NO-NO for Paleo dieters (and people all over the world), check out this link. 


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