4 Paleo at the Movies Snacks

By on November 30, 2014
Some rights reserved by Vvillamon

Some rights reserved by Vvillamon

Holiday celebrations bring a hearty intake of deliciously devilish snacksfun family gatherings, and the occasional trek to the movies. After all: it’s nearly Oscar season, and these amazing movies are popping up, one-by-one, bringing with them some of the most beautiful actresses, stunning performances, and–of course–a delicious array of movie snacks.

This brings me to my point, here: living Paleo at the movies is difficult.

I’ve listed five of my favorite Paleo at the movies snacks here to give you a ready choice (when you want to sneak a little something-something into the theater. Note that these Oscar-bait movies are long!).

1. Pistachios.

Pop-pop! Crack-crack! Is that the sound of people munching on popcorn? Or is that the satisfying sound of you popping open your hearty pistachios and taking a nice crunch? It’s hard to say. But if you give yourself a nice, ready portion of pistachios–think about 50 kernels–you can have about 160 calories alongside awesome fats, good proteins, and only about 7 grams of carbohydrates.

2. Dried Mangoes.

Delicious strips of dehydrated mangoes become essential treats for your movie sweet tooth. You can create them in your dehydrator quite easily. Furthermore, they contain natural sugars and good fiber to keep your gut lining and the rest of your body intact.

3. Kale Chips.

Again with the crunching! For your next Paleo at the movies, you should make a hearty batch of kale chips and munch away in the back row. Try this recipe for a revving, magnesium, fiber, and other-nutrient-rich snack. Seriously: eat as many chips as you want. (How many times do you hear that?)

4. A Piece of 80% Dark Chocolate.

I’m sorry. Did your ears just perk up? Well. I’m sorry to keep you waiting so long, but yes: chocolate can be Paleo. Provided its over 80% dark chocolate, you should definitely look at it as a valid Paleo at the movies snack during your next run into the cinematic world. Dark chocolate is pulsing with flavonoids and has been further shown to boost your sense of intimacy. (If you have two small squares, rather than one, you don’t have to tell anyone.

Keep these 4 paleo at the movies snacks in mind as you proceed into the holiday season and cling onto them still when some boyfriend/father/son/husband/partner of yours pulls you into your car, kidnaps you, and forces you to see the new Star Wars movie next year.

You might want to take another bar of dark chocolate.


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Megan White is a Paleo diet food fanatic running around the world, searching for the most nutritional tasty treats in every country she can find. Follow her on her journey as she dodges sugar cravings, works to better her mind and body, and picks up some creative Paleo diet recipes along the way.


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